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Product Description Price Action
Engage Monthly Traffic: 25GB, Quality Disk Space: 1GB, MySQL Databases: 1, Email Accounts: 150, Joomla! Upgrade: No £2.62 / mo 12 months
£8.62 / mo
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Lightning The business plan is an advanced step-up from the starter package. Monthly Traffic: 40GB, Quality Disk Space: 3GB, MySQL Databases: 5 £7.20 / mo 12 months
£14.20 / mo
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Warp9 The powerful and robust package is built in mind to deal with the stress of high-end demands. Monthly Traffic: Unlimited, Quality Disk Space: 5GB, MySQL Databases: Unlimited, Email Accounts: Unlimited £11.55 / mo 12 months
£24.55 / mo
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